ClassRoom21st and MeetingRoom21st


Any Where, Any Time, Any Media, Any Requirement, Any Device.

Providing smart classrooms to accommodate 21st century student growth and learning.

Lecturers: Able to prepare for lectures and teach at all locations. Able to post assignments, appointments, modules and recorded lectures online. Students are able to benefit from reviews with professor’s addition of suggestions and improvements.

Students: Able to review past lectures and materials, access online lectures from home, communicate with professors and class peers through instant OneNote messaging with text, audio and video. Allows students to share their knowledge and experiences at all times and places.

System Administrators: Able to manage and provide services for classrooms conveniently and efficiently in both online and centralized methods.

University Administrators: Time and cost efficient classroom usage management; able to assess professors online to create efficiency in teaching modules and models. Builds opportunity for professors, students and system administrators to use ClassRoom21st and MeetingRoom21st. Able to build information analysis systems (data analytics) to help optimize consumer’s decisions.

core services

Audio and Visual Recording Systems

Live Streaming and On-demand

Centralized Control Systems

Multi-Site Conferencing

Learning Portal

Communications and Collaborations